La Fouineuse - the story of a passion.

It's crazy how time has a way of arranging things. We may move away from our goal but we eventually find our way back. La Fouineuse is that road I had been looking for years, experiencing various careers from the media to interior design.
Something has always told me though that what I like is doing all sort of diy, hunting secondhand markets, and doing even more diy. You know, getting my hands dirty, stirring up dust, renovating and creating! One word was all it took to put it all together: FOUINEUSE (Rummaging). Rummaging? But that's exactly what I do!!! Hours and hours spent in secondhand shops, garage sales and antiques, hunting for hidden treasures waiting to emerge from the shadows. At first to transform them with paint, a hammer and sweat. But why neglecting all these beautiful vintage objects which are just beautiful as is, and just need a bit of love? Or those cowardly abandonned wonderful clothes and accessories, that so many others would love so much? This is how La Fouineuse is born - my online shop and my blog, where I share my passion, my discoveries and my inspirations. La Fouineuse is so much what I am: my style, my picks, my creations. I hope you will find a bit of what you are there too! Don't hesitate to follow me to be advised of my next events and discover my fresh picks!

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