Today is St. Patrick's Day. And like every year, on this day dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland, I have a thought for Sandra, Ross, Darren, Peter, Christine, Denis, Rachel & Daniel, and all the wonderful people I have met during my stay in Cork as an au pair, twenty-five years ago... a quarter of a century! 

Ireland has it all: amazing landscapes, human warmth, kindness, generosity, simplicity, the pleasures of everyday life and so many other things that makes you feel that special feel once you've been there: even if you leave the country, it nevers leaves you - it stays in our heart forever. As a consequence, today, I wanted to share some inspirational Irish-flavored pictures. But instead of the color of the day - green - decoration ideas which I have already shared in an old post, lets visit warm and cosy Irish countryside cottages and pubs. Sláinte!

Sources : Pinterest, Tripadvisor (The Rusty Mackerel Bar, Gregans Castle hotel), Realhomes, Condé Nast traveler,,, Deviantart,

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