With this post, I'm starting a little series on my favorite vintage finds, ones that I have kept for a long time because I love them too much to let go, or that I wanted to do a thorough research on before sharing them with you.

Treasures of the week: TREFOUSSE gloves

These two splendid pairs of gloves have been waiting patiently for me to unveil them for a few years now. After a short stay at the General Store, while I still had my boutique space there, they had finally returned to my personal collection. And I am delighted. Because while doing research this week to put them online, I discovered that they are real museum pieces!
Of exceptional quality and in excellent condition, these gloves come from the famous French luxury glove maker TRÉFOUSSE, and could as well be part of the collections that can be admired in the museums of the region of the city of Chaumont (Haute-Marne) where the glove factory was established.
Musée d'art et d'histoire de Chaumont  - Source : Wikipédia Commons et le blog de l'OT de Chaumont
Musée de la Tour du Château de Biesles - Source : Aux deux boites à ouvrages
I was therefore interested in the history of this glove-making, a brief summary of which follows:
“After having known many stalls of master glove-makers in the 18th century, the history of modern glove-making began in Chaumont in 1829. That year, Jules Tréfousse (1809-1894), a native of Lunéville, settled in the capital of Haute-Marne and created a small glove-making company (...) Its niche is that of luxury: kid gloves for women. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, Tréfousse was honored with several prizes at world exhibitions. ” 
Read more  (Source: Translation from French:

“La Ganterie de Chaumont, called at the time" La Fabrique Tréfousse ", was the economic heart and the main employer of the City. Its originality and its asset, in addition to the manufacture of luxury gloves, were to bring together three distinct trades (tanning, dyeing, glove making), which favored its development and dynamism. "
(Source: Translation from French: Blog of the Tourist Office of Chaumont )

Maison Tréfousse extended its fame to the United States, Canada and England, and entered into agreements with Parisian department stores and couturiers, including Le Bon Marché and Balmain. The environment will begin to change in 1918 with the diversification of the market, competition more present, and internal management less close to the workers. And the situation will worsen with the crisis of 1929, until the resale in 1957, then the bankruptcy in 1973 and the destruction of a large part of the premises.

It is therefore a part of the history of French glove making that these two pair of delicate kid leather gloves. This type of leather quickly became rather rare on the market, and more and more expensive (From 1940, we mainly find fabric gloves, more affordable for both the manufacturer and the customers). Since he himself prepared the skins he bought in large quantities, Tréfousse made sure to keep the best quality for its own production before reselling the others to its competitors, and thus ensured its products of superior quality.

"Thanks to the quality of the raw material, his glove is thin, flexible, solid; in addition, the impeccable cut is completed with a garnish inspired by a very sure and very varied taste. 7 to 800 models come out each year, constituting numbered series which are added to each other (...) Chaumont was able to specialize in luxury glove making. He produces evening gloves whose fine and refined decoration becomes a true masterpiece; this artistic value has given it such renown that it has become one of the suppliers of European courts."

(Source: Translation from French:  A rival from Grenoble: the Tréfousse & Cie glove factory in Chaumont, 1946, by Paulette Vincent )

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