Plaid wool midi skirt
Plaid wool midi skirt
Plaid wool midi skirt
Plaid wool midi skirt

Plaid wool midi skirt

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A nice classic look for this wool skirt to wear with tall boots and a cozy sweater. The color mix is ​​charming, in shades of bluish gray and brown, and the pleating at the front adds structure. Form fitted at the hips and slightly flared along the length. A mix of wool and polyester for easy machine car in cold water. Button and zipper at the back. It is also lined for more comfort.
{"title":"INFORMATIONS DÉTAILLÉES","content":"\u003cp\u003e\u003cspan class=\"metafield-single_line_text_field\"\u003eDIMENSIONS:\nLENGTH: approx. 73.5 cm (29 in.) WAIST: Approx. 76 cm (30 in.)\nHIPS: Approx. 101.5 cm (40 in.)\nSIZE: 10 (M)\nMATERIALS: 65% wool, 35% polyester (Trim not included) BRAND: Unknown\nCONDITION: Like new!\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e","page":""}

DIMENSIONS: LENGTH: approx. 73.5 cm (29 in.) WAIST: Approx. 76 cm (30 in.) HIPS: Approx. 101.5 cm (40 in.) SIZE: 10 (M) MATERIALS: 65% wool, 35% polyester (Trim not included) BRAND: Unknown CONDITION: Like new!

{"title":"\u003ctranscy\u003eWOMEN SIZING \u0026 MEASURING GUIDE\u003c\/transcy\u003e","content":"","page":"guide-des-tailles-mesures-femmes"}

In my online store all available clothes are authentic vintage garments chosen one by one, which means there is usually only one item available and measurements vary from one piece to the other depending on the era, country of origin, manufacturer, etc.

TO MAKE SHOPPING EASIER FOR YOU, EACH GARMENT IS CAREFULLY HAND-MEASURED THEN CLASSIFIED BY SIZE. Sizes have been updated according to the correspondence chart below.

This size chart is given for information only. Sizing refers to body measurements, not garment dimensions, and sizes may vary slightly depending on the style. Always go for your largest measurement to choose the proper size. For example, if your hips are size S, but your waist is M, choose a size M garment.

Remember that the garment's measurements should always be a little larger than your body measurements to allow proper fit and movement. Also keep in mind if materials are stretch or not.


SIZE Your bust measurement Your waist measurement Your hips measurement
XXS 31-33 in. (79-84 cm) 23-24 in. (59-61 cm) 34-35 in. (86-89 cm)
XS 33-35 in. (84-89 cm) 24-26 in. (61-66 cm) 35-37 in. (89-94 cm)
S 35-37 in. (89-94 cm) 26-28 in. (66-71 cm) 37-39 in. (94-99 cm)
M 37-39 in. (94-99 cm) 28-30 in. (71-76 cm) 39-41 in. (99-104 cm)
L 39-41 in. (99-104 cm) 30-32 in. (76-81 cm) 41-42 in. (104-107 cm)
XL 41-42 in. (104-107 cm) 32-34 in. (81-86 cm) 42-43 in. (107-110 cm)


You will need a tape measure. Position it as close to the body as possible, without tightening it. Make sure you wear light, tight clothing, such as underwear. Don't hold your breath or tuck your stomach in when you measure yourself. You want to make sure your measurements are accurate to account for movement. If necessary, ask another person to help you.

A - Shoulder to shoulder
On the upper back, measure the distance between the points of your shoulders (the end of the shoulder blades, where the shoulder begins its downward curvature. )

B - Bust
The bust circumference is measured at the level of the tips of the breasts, positioning the tape all around the body, horizontally, without tightening. 

C - Band
Position the measuring tape just below the bust.

D - Waist
Go around your waist with the ribbon. Your natural waistline is above your belly button and below your rib cage, where a crease forms when you bend over. If you usually tie your clothes below your waist, take this measurement as well.

E - Arm length
From the point of the shoulder, pull the tape to the knuckle of the thumb

F - Hips
Measure horizontally at the strongest point of the buttocks.

G - Thigh circumference
Wrap the ribbon around the thickest part of your thigh.

H - Inseam
Measure from the top of the inner thighs to the ankle (without shoes on and standing straight).


Default alt

Your bra size is determined from 2 measurements:
band measurement (C) and bust measurement (B)

1. First, determine your size using your band measurement: the measurement in inches will indicate your size.

2. Then determine your cup size by substracting the band measurement from the bust measurement. The difference of the two will tell you the letter corresponding to your cup.

The combination of the 2 will give you your bra size.


Your band circumference is... 25-26 in. 27-28 in. 29-30 in. 31-32 in. 33-34 in. 35-36 in.
BRA SIZE 30 32 34 36 38 40

the BAND CIRCUMFERENCE from the BUST CIRCUMFERENCE. The difference determines your CUP SIZE.

Difference (in inches) 1 in. 2 in. 3 in. 4 in.

Example :
1. You have a 30 in. band circumference. Your size is therefore 34.
2. You have a 33 in. bust circumference. So you're a C cup.
Your bra size is therefore a 34C.

{"title":"\u003ctranscy\u003eGUIDE TO VINTAGE CONDITION\u003c\/transcy\u003e","content":"","page":"guide-de-letat-vintage"}
MINT: The item is or appears to be unused. Sometimes tags or original packaging are present.
EXCELLENT: The item has been used but has no significant flaws.
VERY GOOD: The item has been used; has minor flaws that do not detract significantly from the item's appearance or usability.
GOOD: The item has been used and shows normal signs of age or use.
FAIR: The item is visibly used but still has redeeming qualities and with some minor repairs may be restored to a better condition.
{"title":"\u003ctranscy\u003eSHIPPING \u0026 RETURNS\u003c\/transcy\u003e","content":"\u003ctranscy\u003e\u003cp\u003e Your order will be packed with extra care and shipped by Canada Post as soon as possible. For more details regarding our shipping and return policy, you can consult our General Conditions of Sale \u003c\/p\u003e\u003c\/transcy\u003e","page":""}

Your order will be packed with extra care and shipped by Canada Post as soon as possible. For more details regarding our shipping and return policy, you can consult our General Conditions of Sale

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