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Last Tuesday, life gave me a present. Yeah, those things happen sometimes! An exotic and unexpected present straight from Rajasthan. Well, not really straight since it has already visited a few homes before mine, but still – REAL BEAUTIFUL (AND BIG) PIECES OF INDIAN CRAFTWORK!

I have been admiring jealously Indian decoration shop displays for a long time, thinking that at the price it costs, I will be dead before I can afford admiring it in my home… 

I do have two or three little decorative Buddhas, but they’re pale in comparison with my finds of the week! Strongly negotiated with owners that did love them as much as I do but had no choice but departing  from them. I had to pick in my savings but couldn’t miss that bargain – an investment rather than a crazy spontaneous purchase, as my man says 😉 Thank you to my friend Josiane who’s the one that helped me find them! Attention please, drumroll ! Ta-dah !!!!

I love Indian decoration – meticulously handworked, brightly coloured, authentic, exotic, bohemian… Full of significence and symbolism… I don’t have yet the house that will allow me to bring out their beauty as much as I wish, but hopefully soon! ‘Til then, here are a a few lovely inspiring ideas to make you travel with me in my Indian fantasy…

Source : Pinterest